I’m LaToya Simpson, the CEO and Leader of Words for The Candidly Speaking. I am a proud Detroit Native, who grew up in the 80’s - when the formula to success was simple - get an education and get a good job so that you can take care of yourself. Let me admit, that was going well - until I was feeling unfulfilled and muted in my corporate position. I was encouraged to create The Candidly Speaking for one reason. I wanted to create a space where I could speak - candidly, express my thoughts and rediscover my voice. From journaling to blogging, those expressions of self-love and “girl get your life” vent moments turned into much needed narrations of gratitude and love for others. And, after pushing past fear for over a year, the greeting cards were born. I was tired of the card aisle. I wanted my cards to have a different edge, so I decided that instead of just making generic messages with basic illustration on simple paper, there should be some twist or surprise with each message. Here at The Candidly Speaking, we create greeting cards and stationery that speak and celebrates us. From the melanated art to the unapologetic words - there’s no guessing who we’re representing, you.